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Grandparent Rights in California

When it comes to visitation and custody, grandparents also have rights under California law. If you are a grandparent seeking to establish your rights regarding your grandchildren, consult with an experienced family law attorney to help guide you through the legal process.

Why Seek Grandparent Rights? 

Grandparents play an important role in the lives oContinue Reading.......

Can You Be Denied Grandparent Visitation Rights With Your Grandchild?

Is it right for a grandmother to be banned from seeing her grandchild? The California Court of Appeals recently decided on this issue in the case of Joyce R. Finberg v. Philip Manset, et al. In this case, the paternal grandmother (i.e. the mother of the child’s biological father) requested visitation rights with her grandchild but the child’s biologi… Continue Reading.......