California Child Support Lawyers – California Family Law Code 4050-4076

Child support payments were designed to help divorcing spouses provide equally for the well-being of their children. They are generally paid by a non-custodial parent to a custodial parent, but may be used in joint custody as well, particularly if the parents’ incomes are significantly different or the children spend most of their time with one parent. Payments usually last until the youngest child turns 18 and finishes high school, but may last longer for a child considered disabled by the courts. Non-custodial parents are generally required to ensure that their health insurance coverage, if they have any, covers their children as well.

This aspect of California family law can be very complicated. Therefore it is essential that you speak with an experienced California child support lawyer.

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Are There Child Support Guidelines in The State of California

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The State of California sets guidelines to help determine how much child support should be paid. These guidelines use your whole income — wages, government benefits, investments and other types of income, regardless of whether it is taxed. They also allow you to subtract other financial obligations, such as taxes, health insurance premiums and the cost of raising other children. Once they’ve been set, child support payments can be modified to account for changes in custody, changes in either parent’s finances or changes in the children’s needs.

Our Wallin & Klarich child support lawyers can help you with:

  • Ensuring that your children get the financial support they need.
  • Ensuring that your income and financial obligations are correctly and completely represented in court.
  • Modifying child support arrangements to accommodate new circumstances.
  • Enforcing a court order for child support against a parent who has not made required payments.
  • Representing parents who have gotten behind in child support (arrears) in actions by government child support services agencies. Legally establishing paternity, or lack of paternity, for child support and custody hearings.


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