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fighting during covid can lead to domestic violence charges

Domestic Violence Trends Skyrocket During Covid: 3 Signs of A Potentially Dangerous Domestic Relationship 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused people throughout the entire world to make changes and adaptations to their everyday lives. One of the changes that occurred forced many people to socially isolate themselves by quarantining in their own homes. Many people lost their jobs and those who did not were required to perform their jobs from home. The impact that COContinue Reading.......
domestic violence in the household

How Do Domestic Violence Charges Get Dropped (PC 273.5)?

If you have been charged with domestic violence in California, you may be facing severe punishment. Corporal Injury on a spouse or cohabitant (California Penal Code Section 273.5) is punishable as a felony by up to four years in state prison and a $6,000 fine. If you are charged with a domestic violence crime, the first step you should take is to retain an attor… Continue Reading.......
Man put in handcuffs after being arrested for domestic violence

5 Steps You Need To Immediately Take If You Are Accused of Domestic Violence

From the moment you are arrested for domestic violence, every choice you make has the potential to influence the outcome of your case. It is important that you act quickly and take the following steps so you can have the best possible chance to successfully defend yourself against these serious criminal charges.

1. Do Not Resist Arrest

If you are being arrest… Continue Reading.......
Mother loses twins in child dependency case by social worker

How Wallin & Klarich Got Their Client Her 2 Children Back From Social Workers

How Wallin & Klarich Got Their Client Her 2 Children Back From Social Workers

Our client was a highly successful business woman who was a single mom. She has 2 twin little girls who are just around 2 years old. While playing, one of her girls fell off of the mother’s bed and it resulted in visible bruising. Our client, who is a great mom, was concerned when her cContinue Reading.......