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Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution that allows parties to reach a settlement with the help of a neutral third party mediator. While mediation may not be the right option for everyone, it can be very effective in family law cases, allowing parties to bypass a lengthy and expensive trial process. If you are interested in mediation, contact our experienced family law attorneys at Wallin & Klarich to see if this method is a good option for you. Continue reading to discover some of the benefits of mediation in family law cases.

1.  Saves Time and Money 

First, mediation can help your family avoid the costly and lengthy process of going to court. Compared to litigation, the mediation process is generally more cost-efficient. Since both parties are working together with one mediator rather than two separate lawyers, they can reduce the cost by approximately half. In addition, taking into account the length of mediation versus litigation, the total cost is likely much lower for mediation due to the reduced number of hours. Parties who settle their cases in court may have to wait weeks or even months in order to obtain court dates that work with both parties’ schedules, while those who choose mediation have more flexibility in their scheduling. This can help to resolve the case more quickly, saving you both time and money. 

2.  Less Adversarial 

Litigation can often create further conflict, making it even more difficult for family members or spouses to maintain a healthy relationship afterward. Mediation can provide a much less adversarial environment than going to court because it allows a neutral mediator to help the parties come to their own agreement. Even if mediation doesn’t ultimately lead to a resolution, it leads to better communication and understanding. Rather than focusing on who is right or wrong, mediation is about removing judgment and finding a common solution that both parties find agreeable. You should especially consider mediation in cases where you may have to share child custody or visitation rights with your spouse, or if you own a shared business or finances that will require you to interact.  

3.  More Personalized 

It can be scary to have your future decided by a judge or jury that doesn’t know you. With mediation, a mediator can take the time to speak to both parties privately and understand each parties’ wishes and concerns before suggesting a solution. As such, there is a higher chance of coming up with a resolution that benefits both parties. Mediation also gives the parties a chance to express and address any emotional issues that may be deemed irrelevant in a courtroom. This could lead to a better understanding of one another and help to avoid further conflict in the future. 

4. Protects Privacy 

Any information that is disclosed in court becomes public record that anyone can access. This is not ideal if there is sensitive information or aspects of your personal life that you would like to keep private. In contrast, information that parties reveal during mediation remains private. Furthermore, mediation may be the best route if children are involved. It is quite common for children to be asked to appear or provide statements in court, which may expose them to more than you would like. Mediation can help avoid this by keeping children removed from the process. 

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