How to Avoid Going to Court for Child Custody

One thought on “How to Avoid Going to Court for Child Custody

  1. I have been without my kids for a whole year. A 5 yr old girl & a 7 yr old boy. I can’t afford an attorney, I tried filling myself thru the free legal classes, I have started a GOFUNDME account to raise funds. I have written hundreds of emails to lawyers, advocates, assemblyman, law enforcement, basically anyone that can help. Posted tons of requests on Facebook with lots of prayers,a few donations but after all of that I am still no closer to bringing my babies home. There is no moral,legal,factual reason for me to be without my kids other than their dad wanting to be happy raising them all alone. He is a narcissistic psycho path who has rich family members & is white. I birth & raise my kids up untill he abducted them. Every day hour that I am without them is excruciating. GOD bless me to be a mother but this man decided on his own I no longer deserve to be in their life. I NEED help, real help & I don’t know what else to do.

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