California Child Support and Child Custody: Who Pays?

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In My Child Custody Or Child Support Case, Can I Ask The Court to Have The Other Side Pay My Attorney’s Fees?

The simple answer to this question is yes. In almost any family law case, including California child custody or child support cases, a petitioning party can seek attorney’s fees from the other party. The party requesting an order from the court with respect to their child custody or child support rights, or a modification of the original order issued by the court, must fill out and file an income and expense declaration form, also known as an FL-150 form, in order to get the other party to pay for their attorney’s fees. This form requires the party requesting attorney’s fees to indicate their employer information, their income, their debts and their average monthly expenses, among many other items. This form must be filled out in its entirety if a party would like their attorney’s fees paid for. Therefore, even though it might cost you money upfront to pay for an attorney, the other side could possibly pay for all of your attorney’s fees.

Because attorney’s fees are not always granted by the court, it is important for a person to seek legal advice when filling out this form relating to modification of child custody or support in California, along with the other forms that the court requires, to ensure that their rights are adequately protected in the family law court.

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