September 21, 2012 By Paul Wallin

A divorce is generally a difficult time for a husband and wife. But it is also important to be mindful of the fact that your children can also be affected by your divorce. Thus it is important that you and your spouse “co-parent” to ensure your child is not negatively affected by the divorce. Because these kinds of cases can be heavily contested and highly emotional, especially when child custody and visitation issues are at play, it is important that you speak with an experienced child custody lawyer from Wallin & Klarich.


Once custody and visitation orders have been made, the family law courts stress that it is each parent’s obligation to work with the other parent. This is called co-parenting. Although you and your spouse may be divorced, you will always be connected to one another through your children.  Co-parenting requires you to put your child’s well-being first, set aside personal feelings, and to work with your ex-spouse in a way that permits the both of you to maintain an involved and informed relationship with your child. Moreover, if your divorce is highly contested, it is important that you demonstrate to the court your ability to be a good co-parent because the court will definitely take that fact into consideration when making its custody and visitation orders.


When deciding how to rule on child custody and visitation issues, California family law courts have the Family Code to look to as the law. However, custody and visitation issues are complex which require judicial officers to look at all the facts and circumstances of each case before making an order. The standard the family courts must use when determining custody and visitation order is the “best interest of the child” standard, which is found under Family Code Section 3011. Under this standard, judicial officers must make custody and visitation orders that ensure the health, safety and welfare of the child are best served. Co-parenting can help further ensure that your child’s best interests are met.


If you have child custody and visitation issues, it is important that you hire an experienced and knowledgeable family law lawyer who can help you get the orders you want. Wallin & Klarich has experienced child custody attorneys who can help you today. If you have questions or concerns about your case, call us at 888-749-7428. With offices throughout Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange Counties, we are able to be there for you wherever you happen to live. We will be there when you call.

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