May 7, 2015 By Paul Wallin

Many times, a father will take a paternity test to determine if he is the biological father of a minor child when there is no marriage involved. Once it is determined that he is the biological father through DNA testing, the next step would be to file a Paternity Petition and a motion to determine custody and visitation rights assuming that the parties are unable to come to a custodial share agreement outside of court.

What If I Don’t Want to Go Through the Court?

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Do you believe you may be the father and want to obtain custody of your child?

The potential problems that could arise if no Paternity Petition or motion to determine custody and visitation is filed, is that the parties could argue over how much timeshare each of them should have with the child. If there are no court orders to uphold, there is likely very little that law enforcement can do when a dispute arises over custody and timeshare of a minor child absent a court order.

A biological father should protect his rights immediately once he fully knows he is the biological father of a minor child outside of marriage. The consequences of ignoring such a fact could lead to problems later once the child is older.  For example, the father could be required to pay child support and arrears if the mother establishes an order for child support. In addition, the father’s rights are dramatically affected if he has never bonded with the child or has never known the child since birth. This is why, if you are or believe you may be the father of the child, it is imperative that you hire a skilled family law attorney immediately in order to fight for custody of the child.

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It is important to contact an experienced child custody attorney to represent your interests and your rights as a father in issues involving children, especially when it comes to custody, visitation and child support.

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