January 22, 2015 By Paul Wallin
Halle Berry child support issues

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is reportedly trying to reduce her monthly child support payments to Gabriel Aubry, with whom she shares joint custody of their only child. Media sources report that the actress is currently paying $16,000 a month in child support to Aubry.1

Few Gigs for Aubry

Berry filed documents with the court requesting that her monthly child support obligation be reduced from about $16,000 a month to about $3,800 per month, which Berry feels would adequately satisfy the needs of the child.

In the court documents, Berry alleges that Aubry is abusing the system and living off the child support payments instead of working. She reportedly said in court documents that, “There is no case, no law, no logic that says a healthy, active man gets to simply live off child support that the wealthier mother earns.”2

The Never-Ending Custody Battle

Berry and Aubry have been engaged in a child custody battle over their daughter since 2011. The court ordered the couple to share joint legal and physical custody at that time. This meant that they would share physical custody 50-50 and would jointly make decisions as to their daughter’s health, education and welfare.

Not long after, Berry sought sole physical custody after an alleged physical altercation between Aubry and the girl’s nanny. In 2012, Social workers found that no changes to the custody agreement were necessary because they were unable to find evidence to substantiate those claims. The court agreed with that recommendation and did not award full custody to Berry. The court established the couple would share joint physical and legal custody and Berry would pay Aubry $20,000 a month in child support.

In May 2014, a Los Angeles court ordered Berry to pay $115,000 in retroactive child support and $16,000 in monthly support until the child graduates high school or turns 19, which brought about the most current custody situation. In the most recent court filings, Berry says Aubry is using the child support money for his own needs, including his fitness, clothes, car expenses, electronics, furniture, and health insurance.

Do You Think Berry’s Child Support Payments Should Be Reduced?

Wallin & Klarich would like to hear from you about Halle Berry’s child support battle. Do you agree with her that Aubry is abusing the system by living off money that is supposed to support the child? Should he be able to use the money for his own fitness and clothes? If he is unable to support himself, could he support the child adequately if Berry’s support is lowered? Do you think the custody agreement should be changed or should Berry continue to send the court ordered amount of child support each month?

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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