What Happens to Your Custody Rights if Child Protective Services Takes Your Child?

2 thoughts on “What Happens to Your Custody Rights if Child Protective Services Takes Your Child?

  1. I need help, I am sole parent of my 3 year old daughter , father is not on birth certificate . CPS wrongfully took my daughter out of my home while a babysitter was watching her , they said because of a dirty diaper. They were called by police officers who were at my home looking for my exboyfriend because he had an active warrant and they thought o was huffing him here . I was not and had not seen him in three weeks. They maliciously called CPS after detaining my babysitter in handcuffs for three hours and refused my phone calls and didnt even call me to tell me what was going on in the home . They took her and told me to pick her up the next morning , I tried they built a case over night by using some information that who knows who told them and some past mistakes that I had years ago . I’m 44 my daughter is three the father never signed the birth certificate . I have completely complied sbd am doing everything they want from me, a job, government assistance, counseling, parenting classes , and aa meetings, I dont drink I dont use drugs and they accused me of doing drugs but have not yet tested . They now are saying they want to foster her out ? I have family in Kansas wanting to take Lilly in and I am willing to either move there or drive or fly there every week to see her regularly withey will not comply , now they say they want to talk to the father for his approval. He is in jail , and he is not on the birth certificate .

    1. Hello Elizabeth,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. We need to know much more about your case so we can advise you on how to proceed and how we may be able to help. Please reach out to us at (714) 730-5300 so we can discuss your case. We have also sent you an email.

      We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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