November 8, 2012 By Paul Wallin

Life after a divorce can be a difficult journey. Those who experience a divorce often feel lost and lonely. And often, divorcées feel the need to be adventurous soon after their divorce. One woman from Beverly Hills decided to get adventurous and only discovered a kinky surprise at the end.

Marcy Miller, a blog writer for the Huffington Post, decided from the moment her 12-year marriage ended that she was going to be adventurous. She wanted to gain new experiences in order to take advantage of her new found freedom. One time, Miller was invited to an opulent party in a “Gatsby-esque” mansion in the wonderful little town of Malibu. In desire of new adventure, she decided to attend regardless of the long drive and the fact that she knew nobody at the party.

Wearing her best designer outfit, which included a sequined trench coat and thigh-high black boots, Miller was approached by man she described as “handsome”. They engaged in a flirty conversation and talked all night. The night ended with them exchanging contact information.

The next day, Miller received an email from the man. The email stated that he enjoyed the previous night and he invited her to dinner later that week.

When they met at a restaurant bar, Miller and the man continued their flirty exchange from the party. In the middle of conversation, Miller asked the man how long he had been divorced. In a moment of brutal honesty, he admitted that he was still married and had two teenage daughters.

At that moment, Miller felt sick and wanted to leave. As she was leaving, the man gave her a black box wrapped in black ribbon. When she arrived home, Miller opened the box and discovered a belt-like object that she described as being “not inexpensive.” Curious as to what the object may be, Miller discovered the boutique shop where the object had been purchased. At the shop, the sales associate explained to her that the belt-like object was a gag, which had a retail price of $675. Miller was flabbergasted.

Later that day, Miller again received an email from the man. The man explained that he hoped to use the gag with Miller. Miller denied the man the benefit and told him to lose her information.

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