Post Judgment Motions -Overview

What happens if you have gone through a family law trial, and the court ruled against you? Consider hiring a Southern California family law attorney to file a post-judgment motion.

What Does Post Judgement Mean?

Like its name implies, a post-judgment motion occurs after the court has entered the judgment. From that time, you have set period of time to contest the family law court’s decision, or you will have to take your case on appeal.

After the trial, you can make a motion for a new trial, motion to vacate, or motion to set-aside the judgment, among other motions. In each of these motions, the party making the motion points out any potential procedural or legal mistakes made by the court or the parties during trial and requests the court review what happened. If the court agrees that a mistake occurred justifying relief and the court has the power to correct the mistake, the court will grant the motion.

California Motion for New Trial Lawyer

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If you or someone you know is dissatisfied with the judgment of the family law court, contact a Southern California family law lawyer to discuss your post judgment motions options. You have a brief period of time to make a post-judgment motion, so do not delay. A family law attorney can review the trial transcripts, research the law, and advise you whether you have valid grounds for a post-judgment motion or appeal.

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