What Purposes Does Mediation Play In A Child Custody Case?

Mediation is the process of negotiation between two or more parties conducted by a neutral impartial party.  Mediation is used in a variety a circumstances.  One of the most often uses of mediation is for family law.

In California, whenever parties seek to establish or modify child custody issues, the parties will be required to attend mediation.  The mediator will assist the parties in reaching an agreement regarding custody, visitation and parenting issues for their children.  If the parties are unable to reach agreements, the mediator will make recommendations to the court on the issues in dispute.

The mediator often will speak to each party individually, and will try to determine what issues the parties can agree on, and which items they are unable to agree on.  The mediator could possibly speak to the children or other individuals who may have pertinent information to the case.

The purposes of the child custody mediation is to reduce hostility that may exist between the parties, to try to develop with the parties what plan will serve the best interests of the childrem, and to try to foster a settlement betweent the parties on as many issues as possible.

Perhaps one of the most positive aspect of mediation for the parties invloved is the potential reduction of legal fees.  The more issues that can be agreed to during mediation, results in less issues to be tried by the court, resulting in lenghty and costly court hearings.

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