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How Wallin & Klarich Got Their Client Her 2 Children Back From Social Workers

Our client was a highly successful business woman who was a single mom. She has 2 twin little girls who are just around 2 years old. While playing, one of her girls fell off of the mother’s bed and it resulted in visible bruising. Our client, who is a great mom, was concerned when her child appeared to have difficulty moving her arm and ended up taking the toddler to the emergency room. The ER doctor had found a fracture in the child’s elbow as a result of the fall. Wrongly so, the doctor also quickly decided after only a few minutes that this injury was most likely was caused by “child abuse.” Within minutes, social workers were called and both of our clients’ children were taken from her.

Our client did not know who to turn to for help in this incredibly stressful time. She had never been accused of anything like this in her life. She called our office to help her. Lucky for her, we have been fighting for parents who have had their children taken by the government for over 40 years. We know the horror that a parent feels when their child or children are taken from them, most often without cause. We also know how frightening it is to the child who, in most cases, has never been away from their parents for more than a day or two.

Fighting For Child Custody

The social worker’s attorneys, who work for the county, filed a petition against our client claiming she should lose custody of her children because they claimed she was responsible for the fracture of the child’s elbow. Our client denied the charges and we argued that this was an unfortunate accident that could happen to any parent. Regardless of our argument, the county refused to return the child and our firm fought for months to convince the judge and the county’s attorney that our client was a good mom with an immense love for her twin girls. After building an aggressive defense using our years of experience, we were able to have the children returned to their mother.Mother loses twins in child dependency case by social worker

Even with the family’s reunion, our client and her children have suffered greatly. The trauma of having your children taken from you, knowing you are a good parent, can be immense.  Most people do not realize how easy it is for your children to be taken from you if a social worker feels that you “might” have done something incorrect as a parent. We have seen too many cases where the social workers were completely in the wrong when taking children away from their parents. Parents and children cannot get the time they could’ve shared back. The children are often placed in a foster home with people they do not know. These are consequences that may be prevented with speedy and effective legal counsel.

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If you or a loved one have had your children unjustly taken away from you and are fighting to get them back from the county, call our offices today. We will continue to represent parents who love their children and do not want to lose them to “the system” because we are passionate about helping reunite families.

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