Property Subject to Division

Community Property Subject to Division

In a divorce or legal separation all community property is subject to division. Further, it is important to remember that separate property and community property  are property subject to division in a divorce or legal separation, but the division is limited only to the community property.

Real estate community property
Real estate, along with many other assets can be characterized as community property.

Any of the following assets can be characterized as community property or have a community property interest, and thus is property subject to division:

• Real estate
• Furniture, furnishings and appliances
• Jewelry, antiques and collections
• Automobiles, motorcycles, and boats
• Checking and savings accounts
• Investments
• Pensions
• Employment bonuses
• Severance pay
• Businesses and partnerships
• Copyrights
• Salaries
• Stock options
• Disability payments
• Worker’s compensation
• Life insurance proceeds; AND
• Court judgments

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