Wallin & Klarich Family Law Attorney Hong Lyu Assists Client to Obtain Favorable Court Orders in Best Interest of Client’s Child

Hong Lyu, a Wallin & Klarich Family Law Attorney, recently assisted his client in securing favorable visitation times for his client and a court order mandating that the historically violent father participate in anger management classes. He was able to obtain favorable court orders in the best interest of child by acting as a strong advocate for his client.

best interest of child

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Lyu assisted his client in obtaining favorable regular schedule and vacation day visitation times for his client and a court order mandating that the historically violent father of the client’s child take anger management classes. Attorney Lyu achieved this feat by aggressively arguing for a modification to the mediation agreement that the client had entered into with the father. Attorney Lyu facilitated cooperation between his client and the father in order to secure a favorable change to the vacation visitation schedule.

“This client truly did need to have an attorney represent her because her demeanor would not have allowed her to be assertive. As her attorney, I was effective because I was able to literally speak on her behalf to assert her position,” says Attorney Lyu.

The client and the father had been married for 4 years and have one 4-year-old child together. The client and the father were able to reach an agreement through mediation regarding visitation times for the father. However, there were issues that the client was unable to raise during mediation. These issues included her desire to make a slight change to the regular visitation schedule, to secure certain vacation visitation times, and to have the father take anger management classes.

Attorney Lyu successfully argued that the court should adopt the mediation agreement with some modifications. Attorney Lyu argued that the mediator failed to properly address the client’s request for modification to the regular schedule visitation and for anger management classes for the father. Attorney Lyu explained that these issues were not raised during mediation because the mediator failed to take into account the client’s timid disposition in order to effectively draw these issues to the forefront.

After the father’s violent history was revealed, the judge ordered the father to participate in anger management classes. Pursuant to Attorney Lyu’s requests, the judge also granted changes to the visitation schedule that were favorable to the client. Finally, with the continued strong advocacy of Attorney Lyu, the client negotiated with the father a change to the vacation visitation schedule that was favorable to the client.

Attorney Lyu achieved changes that were all favorable to the client and were in the best interest of the child.

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