January 21, 2013 By Paul Wallin

Disagreements about child custody can be frustrating and time consuming. An order for child custody may be modified if both parents agree on the change.

If they cannot agree, the prior custody order can be modified through a judicial proceeding. However, the court will only modify the order if there has been a significant change that affects the best interest of the child.

Refusal to Comply

If the other parent is refusing to comply with a prior child custody order, you have two options: contact the police or contact an attorney.

Contacting the Police

You can contact the police and request that they enforce the order. At times, this can be an unpleasant experience for your child.

Contacting an Attorney

You and the other parent will not always agree on how to promote the best interest of your child. Sometimes, this can be a stressful and unhappy experience for you and your family. You need a responsive child custody lawyer that understands the local San Bernardino courts.  For child custody information specific to San Bernardino click here.

At Wallin & Klarich, you will find competent and empathetic attorneys. We are committed to securing the best possible result for our clients.

A longer-lasting solution would be to contact an attorney who would file for “contempt” on your behalf. In an action for contempt, you must show that the other parent willfully disobeyed the court order. If the judge finds that they did, the court will enforce the order against them. In addition to enforcing the order the court can order that the parent who violated the prior court ruling be sanctioned by paying a fine or going to jail.

To be successful in your child custody case, it is imperative that you contact an attorney that will fight on your behalf. At Wallin & Klarich, we will fight to protect your children. Call us at (888) 749-7428. We will be there when you call.

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