May 14, 2015 By Paul Wallin
a legal separation
You should speak to an experienced family law attorney if you are considering a legal separation.

A legal separation is the filing of a lawsuit against which gives the court the power to decide on any and all issues related to a marriage.  These issues include property division, deciding custody and visitation, debts of the marriage, and support matters.

The Difference Between Legal Separation and Divorce

A legal separation progresses just like a divorce, with the notable exception that the spouses are not divorced.  The are several significant differences between a legal separation and a divorce.  For example, spouses must agree to a legal separation, otherwise the legal separation will automatically become a divorce.

Another difference between legal separation and divorce in California, is that there is no waiting period.  In California, it takes six months to become divorced.  However a legal separation can be achieved immediately.

When is Legal Separation Necessary?

Legal separation should not be seen as an alternative for parties that are not sure about divorce.  Filing for a legal separation is typically appropriate only under certain circumstances. A legal separation is typically appropriate where divorce is against the spouses religion, and neither party plans on remarrying; the parties need to remain married for financial benefits; or to remain covered on the other spouse’s insurance.

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