February 18, 2019 By Paul Wallin

Modification in Child Custody in California

In California, modification of child custody orders after a final judgment, requires the moving party to show a “substantial change of circumstances”. There should be a significant change in the life of the child or the parents since the final judgment regarding custody.

Some of these changes could include but is not limited to the following:

1. The non-custodial parent now has a higher timeshare than the primary custodial parent or the fact that the minor has become older in age to increase the timeshare.

2. The primary residence of the minor child is unsafe physically, mentally, or emotionally and it would be safer and in the child’s best interest to move the child to the other parent.

3. A parent has suffered a criminal conviction and cannot abide by the current custodial orders warranting a change in the custody orders.

Wallin & Klarich Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

Again, these are just some scenarios that could warrant a modification of the current custody orders. Always consult an experienced attorney at Wallin & Klarich to discuss your options and direction when it comes to modification of child custody orders.

Don’t leave to chance the time you share with your children. The experienced lawyers at Wallin & Klarich can assist and guide you in this process if you are going through a divorce, child custody litigation, or post-judgment issues.

It is important to contact an experienced San Bernardino Family Law attorney to represent your interests and your rights in a marital dissolution or issues involving children, especially when it comes to modification of child custody. At Wallin and Klarich, our San Bernardino Family Law attorneys have successfully represented many clients in this situation. Our knowledgeable San Bernardino Family Law attorneys will work to ensure that your case is done properly and professionally and seek the best outcome on your behalf. Contact us as soon as possible via phone at 909-383-1867.

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