The Importance of Making a Child Custody and Visitation Modification Into a Court Order – Family Code Section 3022


Child custody and visitation can be difficult. You should always request a court order.

When you and the other parent of your child want to modify a child custody and visitation order, it is important you make any and all modifications into a valid court order. A knowledgeable and experienced Orange County child custody attorney from can help ensure that the changes you make to your child custody and visitation order are accurately and properly reflected in a new court order.

 Two Ways to Resolve Visitation Issues in Orange County

Like many other family law issues, Orange County child custody and visitation issues can be resolved in one of two ways. One way is through a mutual agreement, called a stipulation, between you and the other parent of your child as to what child custody and visitation will be.  This stipulation will then be submitted to the court and signed by a judicial officer, thus making the agreement an order. The second way is by requesting the court to make a child custody and visitation order based on the evidence presented. Regardless of how the order was made, child custody and visitation orders can be modified.

In many cases, both parents are cordial and can freely communicate with one another about matters that involve their child or children. Generally, in these types of situations, the parents mutually agree to change the terms of their current child custody and visitation order. However, the change is an oral agreement, and no documentation is ever filed with the court to make the modification a new child custody and visitation order.  When parents do not file a new order that modifies the previous order, problems can arise, especially when one parent wants to change the terms of custody and visitation again and the other parent disagrees.

When you file an agreement to modify the current child custody and visitation order, both parties are reassured that their changes have been established as an order of the court. Moreover, both parties can rest assured knowing that if one parent does not comply with the modified order, they can go and ask for further relief from the court.

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If you want to modify a current child custody and visitation order, it is important that you or your child custody attorney drafts the correct order and files the appropriate documentation with the court.  Wallin & Klarich has experienced Orange County child custody attorneys who can help you with custody and visitation issues. If you have questions or concerns about your case, call us today at 888-749-7428 to speak with an attorney.

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