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We recently concluded a case where our client and his wife had a petition filed against them in child dependency court in Los Angeles County.

There was an altercation between our client and his teenage daughter that resulted in criminal charges being filed against my client.

During the pendency of the dependency case, our client and his wife wanted his 4 children to be allowed to go to boarding school in Switzerland.

The request to the court was that our client’s wife fly to Switzerland with all 4 children and the three teenage girls would attend boarding school and their mom would live in a hotel close to the school with their one son who would go to a local school near the hotel.

To say the least, the social workers were against this idea. Through their lawyer County Counsel, they fought our demand every step of the way.

We called as a witness the headmaster of the boarding school. We introduced evidence that my client was successfully working on his required classes that had been ordered by the court.

Our client agreed that until the case was terminated he would only visit his children via “Zoom” meetings.Child Dependency Attorney Wallin & Klarich Orange County

The court after a lengthy court hearing granted our request. Our client’s only wish was for his daughters to be able to attend this amazing school.

The case has recently been dismissed and now our client can visit with his children while they are at school in Switzerland. The entire family is now very happy.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve success in your child dependency case. In every case, you should seriously consider retaining our law firm to fight for the return of your children at the earliest possible time if they have been taken from your custody. We have over 38 years fighting for parents who find themselves battling social workers and the court in order to retain or regain custody of their children.

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