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Going through a divorce changes your life in significant ways. This is especially true if you are a parent. Fathers often find this process particularly hard, since their role tends to change more dramatically.

Challenges to a father’s role in their child’s life can cause them to act in ways that are both out of the norm, and detrimental to the divorce and custody proceedings. This is why fathers should be prepared for the difficult divorce process.

What to Do

When it comes to divorce, the two most important topics are children and money. These two subjects encompass almost entirely what the divorce process is attempting to settle between the two parties. How much time will you be awarded with your children? Will you have to pay child or spousal support to your ex-spouse?

It is easy to get wrapped up in these issues, but your priority should be your children. While it may be awkward to interact with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, put in the effort to communicate in a polite and civil manner with any party involved in the divorce.

This also means keeping clear and open communication lines with your children. How children feel about a parent can make or break a custody case, and positive interactions go a long way in the eyes of the court.1 Depending on the circumstances of your case, it may be wise to set up a cellphone line for your children solely for the purpose of contacting you.2

Fathers will often be required to pay spousal support and/or child support after a divorce. With this in mind, be proactive regarding your finances. Attempt to work with your spouse to come to an agreement on support amounts before letting a judge make the final decision.

What Not to Do

In order to avoid paying large amounts of child and spousal support, some fathers lie about money or attempt to undervalue assets during a divorce. It is important that you do not do this. You are required to be honest about all assets. It may be tempting to hide money away until after the divorce, but this could lead to an unfavorable divorce judgment and potential criminal consequences.

If you are ordered to pay child support or spousal support, make sure you make the payments in a timely manner. Failing to pay child support could result in the garnishment of your wages and you could be accused of the crime of willful failure to pau child support.

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