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Kimberly Conrad, the estranged wife of Hugh Hefner has filed for divorce after a 10 year split according to an article on Conrad, 47, is seeking 5.2 million plus half of the value of the couple’s estate, Mappleton — where she has lived since being estranged from Hefner in 1998.

Conrad is also reportedly seeking another $40,000 in child support for each month she and Hefner remain married after September. The pair has two sons, 19-year-old Marston, and Cooper, who turns 18 on Tuesday. Both are still in school.

Conrad had originally filed divorce papers in 1998, approximately 10 years after they were married. She withdrew the papers when Hefner told her he didn’t want the divorce. The couple revised their prenuptial agreement and has lived separately, albeit in adjoining estates, ever since.

The stakes involved in divorce proceedings are always high. Whether you are a millionaire like Hugh Hefner, or have more modest assets, you have worked hard to amass the estate that you now possess. That hard work can be compromised by entering into a divorce proceeding Temp Mail without competent counsel. A bad divorce settlement can leave you with little to no funds, property, assets, and you can even lose custody of your children.

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