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The Los Angeles County Child Support Services department has begun to post a “most wanted” list similar to that posted on the FBI’s website. According to the list, the individuals on the list are:

“Non-custodial parents who have been convicted of not supporting their children and who have outstanding arrest warrants issued by the Los Angeles County Superior Court.”

Parents who are able, but still do not pay court ordered child support can find themselves charged with a misdemeanor under Penal Code Section 270 [Failure to Provide] and/or Penal Code Section 166(a)(4) [Contempt of Court].

The list contains the names and photos of the delinquent parents who have outstanding arrest warrants in their names. The captions for each individual also include a short description of the delinquent individual’s situation, including the date of their court date, amount of child support owed, and last known professions.

The list can be viewed here:

Those with information about the delinquent parents are urged to contact the LA County Child Support Services department at: (213) 351-8696.

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