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Recently, a reality TV couple whose show revolved around their daily lives raising octuplets has been in the public spotlight over their divorce. Kate Gosselin – of TV’s Kate & Jon Plus 8 – filed legal documents to end her marriage in Pennsylvania. While there has been much speculation over the cause of the divorce, no real details have emerged because the county in which Gosselin filed the papers seal their divorce filing records. What is clear, is that they couple are opting for a ‘no-fault’ divorce.

A recent article on explained the divorce filing procedure and what might be next for the couple. In Pennsylvania, there are two grounds for filing for a no fault divorce. Kate Gosselin chose both, the first of which is called ‘mutual consent’. Essentially, this means that if, after 90 days, both sides officially agree the marriage is irretrievably broken, then the divorce can proceed.

According to the article, the second grounds for divorce “states that if, two years from now, the grounds for divorce still hasn’t been resolved by the spouses, then one party can file an affidavit alleging the marriage is irretrievably broken. At that point, the court appoints an official known as a master to hold a hearing and work out any unresolved financial issues.”

Divorce proceedings vary from state to state and California has some of the most complicated divorce laws in the country. This reason alone makes it of vital importance for anyone going through a divorce to contact an experienced California divorce attorney to help defend their rights and interests. Significant disputes over children, property, and financial holdings can complicate matters further, making an experienced divorce attorney a real necessity.

If you find yourself going through a divorce or are considering filing divorce papers in the state of California, don’t go it alone. Contact the experienced family law attorneys at Wallin & Klarich today by calling 1-888-749-7428.

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