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Domestic violence in California toward a spouse, domestic partner, child or any family member is illegal and is considered a serious crime. There are many different types of violence, however, and not all of them leave visible scars. Emotional abuse is every bit as real as physical abuse and the damage that it does can be long lasting and substantial.

A recent article discusses how to recognize emotional abuse in a marriage. The very real effects emotional abuse can have on individuals are cited in the article which quotes the website (an educational resource which helps people deal with illness, grief, pregnancy, debt, and other personal issues) as saying that:

“Emotional abuse can have ‘serious physical and psychological consequences for women, including severe depression, anxiety, persistent headaches, back and stomach problems.’ Other symptoms include panic attacks, irritability, emotional numbness, eating irregularities, and insomnia.”

Traits that are common among individuals who exert this control over their spouses and abuse them emotionally can include things like refusal to acknowledge the value or self-worth of others, refusal or inability to listen to reason or logic, the need to humiliate others, and extremely possessive or jealous behavior.

What makes emotional abuse even more dangerous is its tendency to be a stepping stone to physical abuse. When one spouse tries to break the cycle of emotional control and damage, the result can be an escalation to violence. The most important thing to do in any case of abuse, is to remove yourself and children from the situation and make the violence or abuse stop.

If you have been abused by a spouse, you can make claims to your house, finances and even custody of children. There are many ways you can do this through the court system, including filing for a domestic violence restraining order to protect you, your family, and those residing with you. Call a Wallin & Klarich Orange County domestic violence lawyer for a case evaluation.