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More Than Ever You Need a California Divorce Lawyer That Knows the Law

Times are hard for everyone these days. Jobs are in peril. Money is tight. Home values are declining. Tensions are rising. Anxiety is building up. The effects these economic times are having on California divorce cases are immeasurable.

For example, look at housing prices. Many people find themselves in a situation where one spouse bought their home before the marriage, and during the marriage both spouses have been earning income and paying for the mortgage. Now, you want to get a divorce, and you want to move out of the house, or you want your spouse to move out of the house, but neither of you can afford the mortgage alone. You especially cannot afford the mortgage plus rent for an apartment at the same time. Another problem is you might be able to sell your house, but you won’t get back what you paid for it. Or you’ll only get a small amount back.

How do you resolve these issues? Who gets how much money? The answers require extreme calculations to determine the percentage of shares for each spouse. Both spouses have an interest in the home if they have both been paying for it. In addition, if the funds to pay for the mortgage come from a joint account, it will be very difficult to show that only one spouse has an interest in the home. If the home has lost value, the spouse who did not originally buy the home may not want to claim any interest in the home at all. Obviously there are strategy considerations to deal with.

In order to help you understand your rights and interests, you need a divorce lawyer who knows the law. You also need someone who has the intellectual ability to come up with a strategy to achieve your goals. As shown above, there may be some circumstances where you don’t want your rights (and more importantly, your obligations) enforced. If you have any questions, you should speak with an experienced divorce lawyer in California right away. Learn more about Wallin & Klarich California divorce attorneys at 1-888-280-6839.

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