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In our previous post, we discussed the first tip that you should follow when preparing to work with a lawyer for your child custody and/or visitation issue in court. Let’s go on to the second tip.


Remember that if you want to criticize the other parent about some aspect of his or her parenting, make sure you can prove that you are doing well in that aspect of parenting. It does not help much to point to the other parent’s deficiencies when you yourself are deficient. If you feel like you both have room for improvement, go ahead and say so. Offer suggestions on how you can both improve.

It is understandable that you are very emotional when it comes to your situation. On the other hand, the judge will appreciate your position more if you approach your situation objectively and fairly. Judges can frequently hold it against you if you decide to try to pull some punches. Judges will often try to figure out which party is acting fairly and appropriately, and which party is causing all the problems. You always want to take the high road. You certainly do not want the judge to think you’re the one making things difficult.

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