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James Van Der Beek who is known for his role in Dawson’s Creek, filed for divorce from his wife Heather citing irreconcilable differences. They have been married for six years. The couple does not have children which will make the divorce process a little less complicated.

Even when a party does not have children, it is still important to seek legal counsel. Parties will have to divide all assets and debts so it is important to know what your legal rights are and what you are entitled to. In addition, Heather will likely seek spousal support for half the length of the marriage, which could be a lot of money each month, depending on James’ current income. In California, for short term marriages, marriages less than 10 years, the court can order that one party pay the other party spousal support for half the length of the marriage. This spousal support is to assist the other party in getting back on their feet and becoming self sufficient.

It is important, with or without children, and no matter how large or small the property assets are, to consult with an attorney to know what your rights are and assist you in the divorce process.

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Requesting a Change in Child Support

A change in a child support order can be legally pursued when a significant change has occurred in the circumstances of the child or a parent. Here are some examples of when you might seek a change in the child support order:
  1. Change in income of the parent paying child support (whether an increase or decrease in income.)
  2. Change in the time spent with the child by e
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